Female to Male Surgery in Florida

Female To Male Surgery (FTM)

Female to Male Surgery is also sometimes referred to as simply FTM Surgery.

Dr. Timothy Alexander provides the following state-of-the-art female to male surgery in South Florida:

Multiple methods of FTM Top Surgery , Pectoral Implants and Body Masculinization (liposuction.)

The goal of Female to Male Surgery is to achieve the most natural result possible. Dr. Alexander takes the time to listen to your desires, and tailors surgery techniques to help achieve your goals.

FTM Top Surgery

FTM Pectoral Implants

Body Masculinization

For a consultation and complete cost estimate, or to ask any questions about FTM Surgery, please call (954) 589-0722 or send a message using our “Contact Dr. Alexander form.

Dr. Alexander has more than 30 years of experience and is entirely confidential and non-judgmental towards all of his clients.

For more information about FTM Surgery, please see the following pages: