FTM Pectoral Implants

Dr. Timothy Alexander also offers pectoral implants to provide patients with a more masculine chest. Some trans men, no matter how much they work out, aren’t able to develop the chest muscles they’d like.

Pectoral implants are FDA-approved, semi-solid silicone implants that provide a muscular chest contour. Dr. Alexander inserts the implants through small incisions in the armpits. The implants are positioned in a “pocket” created under the pectoral muscles. The result is a nicely proportioned, muscular-looking chest.

Patients who desire Pectoral Implants must wait at least 3 months after their top surgery.

Estimate FTM Pectoral Implants Cost

Procedure Cost
FTM Pec Implants: $5550
FTM Pec Implants for Dr. Alexander’s previous patients: $5000

For a consultation and complete cost estimate, or to ask any questions about FTM Pectoral Implants, please call (954) 589-0722 or send a message using our “Contact Dr. Alexander Form” or write us to [email protected].

Dr. Alexander has more than 30 years of experience and is entirely confidential and non-judgmental towards all of his clients.