FTM Top Surgery in Florida

Dr. Timothy Alexander offers multiple methods of FTM Top Surgery in Florida.

FTM Top Surgery is a procedure that is highly sought after by many transgender and transsexual men. Medically speaking, FTM Top Surgery is a subcutaneous mastectomy that uses specific techniques to masculinize the chest, resulting in a flat chest with male contours. Depending on the method, breast tissue, excess tissue and the inflammatory fold are removed, and the areolas and nipples are reduced and/or repositioned, or in the case of Double Incision Top Surgery, grafted on.

FTM top surgery will remove almost all of the breast tissue and greatly reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. Best of all, mammograms will no longer be recommended following this procedure.

Below, you’ll find information about:

FTM Top Surgery Procedures

Double Incision (DI) with Nipple Grafts

Double Incision Top Surgery is best suited to trans men with moderate or large sized chestswith lower skin elasticity. Breast tissue is removed through horizontal incisions that run along the pectoralis muscles, and the resulting scar line can be nicely concealed by the natural contour of the pectoralis. The nipple-areola complex (NAC) is removed, and two smaller areolas and nipples are created using native tissue and grafted on in the appropriate male position. It should be noted that this procedure results in limited sensation in the NAC as the nipple stalk and nerves are severed. Double Incision Top Surgery is typically an outpatient procedure that lasts 1-2 hours, under general anesthesia.

Inverted-T Top Surgery

Inverted-T, also known T-anchor and Wise Pattern, is a variation of the inferior pedicle breast reduction technique. It’s similar to Double Incision with an important distinction: instead of nipple grafts, the nipple-areola complex (NAC) is reduced and repositioned using an additional incision that runs vertically from the NAC down to the horizontal incisions below the pectoralis. While this adds an extra scar line, it offers the benefit of retained sensation in the NAC as the nipple stalk and nerves are left intact. Inverted-T Top Surgery is a good option for those who are otherwise suited to Double Incision but wish to retain sensation in the NAC. This is typically an outpatient surgery that lasts 1-2 hours, under general anesthesia.

Peri-areolar Top Surgery

With Peri-areolar Top Surgery, the incisions used to remove breast tissue and excess skin are made around the areola, which results in less scarring. It differs from Keyhole Top Surgery (see below) in that two circular incisions are made around the areola (instead of one smaller incision.) After breast tissue and excess skin is removed, the skin is pulled together like a drawstring purse and sutured to the edges of the areola. The nipple and areola are typically reduced in size and repositioned. Like Inverted-T, the nipple stalk and nerves are not severed and patients tend to maintain sensation in the nipple and areola. Peri-areolar Top Surgery is best suited to trans men with  medium to small size chests, with good skin elasticity. This is typically an outpatient surgery that lasts 1 hour, under general anesthesia.

FTM Top Surgery Recovery

Recovery times will vary based on the procedure selected. Most patients can return to school or desk jobs two weeks after surgery, but those with more physical jobs will likely need to take more time off. There should be no heavy lifting, regular lifting of your arms over your head, or working out for 4-6 weeks. However, light physical activity such as walking is recommended as it aids with healing.

FTM Top Surgery Cost

Dr. Alexander’s pricing includes surgeon’s fees, M.D. Anesthesiologist’s fee, and Outpatient Surgical Facility fees.  We do not accept insurance.

For a custom cost estimate, please contact us for a consultation.

Procedure Cost
Double Incision (DI) with or without Nipple Grafts $5599-$6000
Inverted-T Top Surgery $5599-$6000
Peri-areolar Top Surgery $5599-$6000

Requirements for FTM Top Surgery

  • If 35 years of age and older, patient must have a normal baseline mammogram prior to top surgery.
  • Must undergo Medical Clearance by their primary care physician prior to surgery.
  • If 17 years of age, patients are required to have a letter from their Gender Therapist, Psychiatrist, Primary Care Physician, or Psychologist. The recommended content of the referral letters must state they are psychologically ready and surgery is the next step in their therapy. Under age patients must be accompanied by his parents or legal guardian every time. Parents and legal guardians must sign all forms a consents, and be present during consultations and post-surgery visits.

Hormones are not required.

For a consultation and complete cost estimate, or to ask any questions about FTM Top Surgery, please call (954) 589-0722 or send a message using our “Contact Dr. Alexander” form or write us to [email protected].

Dr. Alexander has more than 30 years of experience and is entirely confidential and non-judgmental towards all of his clients.

More FTM Surgery Options

Dr. Timothy Alexander also offers body masculinization (liposuction) to help masculinize body contours.